Wired to Move

Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in

Early Childhood Settings 

                                 For teachers and parents of boys 3-6 years old


Armed with new evidence that preschool boys are falling behind, Ruth Hanford Morhard’s new book “Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in an Early Childhood Setting” looks at “why” based on the latest brain research, outlines “how” today’s early childhood classrooms are failing boys, why today’s classrooms may be more suited to girls’ learning abilities and offers simple “boy-friendly” strategies to improve boys’ performance and behavior in and out of the classroom. Inspired by the innovative Boys’ Project of the Cleveland-based early education organization Starting Point, the book also offers brain-based answers to age-old questions like:

* Why can’t preschool boys sit still?
* Why don’t they follow directions as well as girls?
* Why are they so loud?

A wealth of strategies offers teachers ways to help young boys perform at their best and create a foundation for later learning. Special sections address the unique needs of at-risk minority boys, ways to encourage family engagement and what media is appropriate for young boys. An expansive resources section offers lists of books, websites, parent handouts, and support and mentoring organizations.

Published by Gryphon House

ISBN 978-0-87659-322-6.

Available from: Amazon Barnes & Noble Gryphon House


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